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How do I Write a Creative Essay?

Finding a unique and creative essay topic can make your essay stand above the others in the class. The shock factor, when one stays within what is acceptable for school, is a thrilling experience. Finding a shocking topic is not as difficult as you think it might be. You just need to look at the topic choices from a different angle.


In your literature essays, to create the shock factor, look at your antagonists as victims. Try to support their negative actions with excuses that others may have overlooked in the novel or story. Taking the side of the bad guy is always good for a few shocks. You could go one step further and try to blame the negative behavior on the protagonist. You should remember that this only works if you can find literary analysis and support from the story for your stand. So, going for the shocking approach may take more research time.

Address Smaller Techniques

You should consider using some of the lesser-used techniques like foil or poem formatting for your discussion. Many people always discuss the characters, theme, or setting so try a different approach.

Two as One

For a history paper, consider comparing two completely different people from history. You can compare and contrast. If they are from very different time periods, it makes for an even better shock factor.

Politics and Religion

Tread carefully when you write about politics and religion. You never want anyone to think you are racist or narrow-minded, however, writing about politics or religion will always create a shock factor in the classroom. If you choose a topic that deals with religion or with politics, you should always clear the topic with your teacher. If you are going to hurt feelings, pick another topic.

What If

Papers when you discuss how history may have played out if certain events did not take place are always very magnetic. You can actually track how different history might have been without this event.

A shocking topic can be fun, but make sure to clear the topic with your teacher. You should keep the essay topic appropriate for school and for the classroom. You should always remember that the language has to be school appropriate, also. Never upset or hurt anyone’s feelings just to get shocking reaction to your essay.