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Creative Essay Transitions: A Brief Guide For Newbies

Even if you have been writing essays in your academic studies for a number of years, you may not have understood the concept of essay transitions. This article aims to put you straight. In a nutshell, a transition is a word or words -- often referred to as an expression -- which help you to express your ideas better. They are also used to bring ideas together.

You may have understood the topic you are writing about very well. You may have expressed yourself in clear and lucid writing. But your essay will have more than a single idea. Linking those ideas and therefore empowering the message of your essay to its full capacity, is carried out by the use of essay transitions.

What you have done wrong

If you write an essay, handed it in and then have it corrected with certain comments, those comments may well be an indication of your lack of ability to understand essay transitions. You may show your essay to a fellow student or a family member and one or more of them may say that they had difficulty in understanding what you're trying to say.

If your teacher makes comments about your jumpy writing, or the lack of flow in your writing, or the fact that you might need milestones throughout the essay, then it's a good sign that you haven't understood the use of essay transitions.

Forget copy and paste

I'm not talking about stealing somebody else's writing and pasting it into an essay written off as your work. I'm talking about writing your essay in chunks, separate chunks, and then putting them together as a whole. That often leads to disjointed writing and it is a perfect example of where you need transitions.

The key to everything is a plan. Forget for a moment about your writing expertise and think about the organization of your ideas. Are they listed in an order of priority? Are they linked one to another? When you get your plan or your organization correct, you give your essay a chance to shine. Using creative essay transitions is the key to being a successful essay writer.

The main idea to grasp for a newbie is that transitions are not lengthy statements. In fact, the fewer words per transition the better. They are the clever links which turn your essay into a powerful whole.