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How to Compose good Argumentative Essays

To compose a good argumentative essay, is to compose an excellent argument. What this means is the essay has to present an argument for a thought that is sound and convincing. Certain things that can make up an argumentative essay are a firm belief, support, and presentation. Here are some ways to do this.

  1. Pick a subject
  2. Gather evidence to support
  3. Gather evidence to disprove
  4. Use proper style and formats.

Pick a subject

The subject has to be one the writer firmly believes in, or it will be extremely hard to write. It also needs to be one that fits the spectrum of the assignment. As an example, for History; “Hitler’s Insanity came after 1936”. Then the writer would have to have a solid reason to believe this. Not only that, but they would need to actually believe it. Now then the foundation would be set, the rest needs to be done.

Gather Evidence to support

No argumentative essay can be on just what the author says, it needs to be backed up with facts. Now the writer needs to research any information they can to back up their thought. Using the libraries; school and public, internet, and varied media. Anything that can bring accredited facts to support the thought. Make notes on them, and list the sources. All essays have to have a resource page, and citations. So for our example, using facts about what caused Hitler’s insanity, and his writings would be part of the evidence.

Gather evidence that Disproves

An argumentative essay needs to counter the opposition. So for this the evidence needs to be presented so the supporting facts can dispel them. A one sided view will not sway anyone into believing the thought. It has to have both sides presented, so that the opposing side can be noted as well. As in the example, Hitler’s relationship with his cousin could be a ground to show there was an issue before 1936. Maybe the reason he was not accepted into Art School could be another point.

Use proper style and Format

The instructor will say what style they want the essay written in. Using the handbook for that style will walk the writer through how to format the pages, and present the citations. Using the three elements of an essay is equally important. Make the Introduction a solid presentation of the case, and the view the writer has. The Body has to present all the elements of a good argument. And the conclusion has to be strong.