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How To Write An Effective Political Science Essay Introduction

Political science deals with Government policies, ideologies and interactions. Almost every country has a history of how the Governments came into being and shaped with time. Thus, there are too many avenues for Political Science to sneak in.

  • The pivotal segments
  • Many a times; emphasis is laid on pivotal portions; League of Nations; World Wars; Cold War; in fact it all starts with Plato’s designs and definition of Government. You can be placed with a relentless series of essay topic on the subject.

  • Systematic movement
  • While writing the essay introduction; you have to proactively move towards the Body. Thus, you have to explain the denuded layers of the Government and how it plans to grow on their existential framework. You may settle into how a particular country has felt the ills of a certain obdurate politician. You may elucidate on how a single wrong judgment created a political catastrophe. You can also narrate the liberating prescience of an ideologue, say Capitalism.

  • Utilizing the major statement
  • You should be clear about how you are going to advance with the essay and that should be evident in the way you write your introduction. You should make use of a pertinent statement to proceed. You should also underscore a single crucial matter on which your essay is going to hinge.

  • Address the issue
  • If the essay topic is about addressing the issue, you should clarify the nature of the issue in the introduction. Remember that the piece would be sequential and thus, you cannot divulge all details in the initial paragraph. You just need to ensure that proper interest and curiosity is generated in that regime.

Here is an example of Political science essay introduction.

Topic – The necessity of restricting politicians and ministers through observation and imposition.

Through the course of History; dictators have called the shots at regular intervals. While they did have clarity of thought; their anti-intellectualistic bearings and haphazard policies spelt doom for the relevant country. Learned people have taken lessons from these debacles in shaping the codes of Democracy and leaving the ultimate call to the common people. While Governments here are run by politicians and ministers who keep a stranglehold on defense, economy and peace; there is clear need of an overseer. The space of dominance cannot be left without chains or it will breed tyranny. Effective laws have to be in place to keep these ministers observed and in check. In reality; many countries do facilitate this premise.