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Manual for Students on How to Write an Essay in APA Format for College

The vast majority of social sciences papers are written in APA (American Psychological Association) format. The following guide will explain how to write an essay that meets these requirements.

  • Title page
  • The header is formatted like this “Running head:…”. Ellipsis should be replaced with the title of your paper. It’s placed in the upper left corner and typed in all capital letters. A page number should be written in Arabic numerals and placed in the upper right corner. The title page’s number is one. There should be a title case in the upper middle of the page, type in the title of your paper there. Next, insert a paragraph return and type your name. Add your school’s name after inserting another paragraph return.

  • AbstractAn abstract will take the second page of an APA essay. It must be about 120-150 words long. This part of the paper must include: a short essay overview, questions raised in the paper, research methods used and conclusions drawn from the research.

  • Body
  • The body of the paper must be separated into sections by headings. Make the first level headings bold and centered. Second level headings should be left-justified and bold. Third level headings must be indent, bold and with a period at the end. The body of an APA paper must include the following parts: an introduction, a method, results and a discussion.

  • Quotes
  • Almost every essay requires quotes. When working with the APA format, you will need to incorporate them in the text using general quotation rules. Cite the source of the quotation in parentheses directly after the quote.

    If you are simply paraphrasing the source, include the author’s name and the publication year in parentheses. When incorporating a direct quote, you will also need to add the page number, for example, p. 247.

  • References
  • A reference list of an APA paper must include every cited source as well as every other work you used during your research. The references must be listed alphabetically, based on the author’s last name.

    A reference must include: the author’s name, year and name of the publication/book/article, journal name, volume number, page number. The first line of the reference must be justified, the other lines are to be indented.

  • Tables

The format of the tables included in an APA paper will depend on the information in them. Use a specialized APA manual to find detailed instructions for table formatting. All tables must have a number and a title. The title must be italicized.