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Composing A Problem Solution Essay On Loneliness

A problem solution essay works to describe a solution to a problem. When you are writing one on loneliness, there are two main ways to attack it. You can take loneliness as a problem in itself or you can take a result of loneliness and discuss how to solve that issue. For example, you can write a paper presenting evidence on how to solve loneliness or you can write about how to solve the problem of lonely people committing suicide.

When writing an essay, there are a few things that you should consider. It will help you in composing a really good paper that will impress your teacher and get you a good grade.

  1. Deciding on your topic
  2. You should decide whether you want to solve the issue of loneliness or if you want to solve one of the reasons of loneliness or one of the results. Decide on your focus by creating mini outlines. The topic that you can write the best outline on should be the one that you write your paper on.

  3. Brainstorming
  4. Clearly define the issue on a sheet of paper. Now start writing down all of the ways that you can think of to solve the issue. You will now choose one of these solutions for your paper.

  5. Planning
  6. Now create an outline that will show how you will present your paper. You will start with an introduction that gives any background information that may be needed to understand the issue. Then you will explain the problem that you are going to solve. You will present your solution and then explain your solution. Be sure to wrap it up with a conclusion.

  7. Drafting first copy
  8. Take a shot at writing the paper. Add information to your outline until you have the first draft of your paper. Make sure to include transitions that let your reader know that you are changing direction. This is especially important when moving from the problem section of the paper to the solution section of your essay.

  9. Fixing the errors
  10. You will need to hand in an essay that is error free. You don’t want to lose points for small errors that can be easily fixed especially when they are simple errors that most grammar and spelling checkers can identify easily. You can even have a friend or classmate read through it to identify any issues.