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The Layout Of An Explanatory Essay: 7 Things To Know

When writing this kind of paper, you should be aware of the format and structure, because it helps to clearly communicate your ideas to the reader. Informing someone about the topic you are writing about is the key here, and after reading your work, they should have a good understanding of the subject you presented. You will need to demonstrate, explore and talk about the details involved with this topic in the way your teacher’s instructions have outlined.

Tips for making your explanatory essay layout

It’s important to find something you are interested in, even if you were not given a choice for the topic. Your passion for some aspect of the field involved will give you momentum to continue research and writing about the issue. Along with that, here are a few hints you can use while doing the work to complete this assignment.

  1. Make sure you are clear about your goal:
  2. a. choose to either identify parts of the research sources that are meaningful

    b. or discuss steps to a process related to your studies

    c. or explain the specific characteristics of a place or important person

  3. Use this structure:
  4. a. Introduction

    b. Paragraph/part/step #1

    c. Paragraph/part/step #2

    d. Paragraph/part/step #3

    e. Conclusion

  5. Organize the information you have researched in order to move from one point to another smoothly within your layout
  6. Try to teach your reader something new within the context of the topic, in an interesting way that is well discussed
  7. Do not skip the obvious things—you have to pretend the person reading this knows absolutely nothing about your topic, even the simplest facts so make sure that you include everything relevant to the subject
  8. Use effective transitions between paragraphs to make everything cohesive
  9. Always use clear definitions of the different parts involved with your topic

In any layout for a homework piece, you should make sure to be clear above all else. If your teacher can understand what you are trying to say, then you will be able to get a good mark regardless of the quality of your writing. That being said, checking for errors and making your work as free from mistakes as possible can only help and not hurt your grades. Think about asking a friend to read it over before you hand it in so that you have a second opinion.