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How did the Articles of the Iroquois Nation Influence the United States Constitution?

The history of the rise of the United States is extremely interesting, to say the least. It is a modern democracy and his school texts will often blame all of our influence on that of Ancient Rome and what our founding fathers had believed that our fledgling nation should look like. Even the higher level texts that are found in college and graduate programs are biased by this same type of history. There is a lot of scholarship on the founding fathers and how influenced that they actually were by the words and the actions of the native Americans and their government and philosophy. A brief survey of some of this documentation was used to help demonstrate some of that influence and was based on the work done by Venables. It talks about what the founding fathers used from the Indians and what they put into the Articles of Confederation and, later, the Constitution itself.

In the 1400s when the Europeans first began to meet with the inhabitants of the New World that they had just discovered, they had to come to some serious terms with the fact that these people had their own religion and that Christianity was not absolute or universal. The natives had been able to capture the imaginations of the Europeans by a short time later and the knowledge of these people began to spread throughout the European continent. The attitudes about them were primarily based on comparisons between the two peoples. These understandings ended up resulting in some stories about brutal or noble savages. Always savages. Examples can be seen through works of literature and even as far as philosophical treatises which were used to form the basis of the constitution.

During the years of the first Continental Congress and the creation of the Articles of Confederation, one of the founding fathers was influenced by the Indians. One of them had bridged the gap between the conceptions of real life in the colonies and how real life actually was. That man was Benjamin Franklin. He was born in 1706 and was a newspaper journalist as a trade. He wrote for many years about his interactions with the natives and his observations about what their way of life was like. This proved to be a classic piece of literature inside of which he noted that he was impressed by their political system and how it was primarily set up by council and the advice of sages. There was no need for force or prisons or anything of the sort. Rather, it was a long line of courteous interactions compared with the often rowdy methods used by the colonists political leaders.