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Choosing Great Argumentative Essay Topics: Tips And Examples

Are you anxious because you need to compose a great argumentative essay for your school? Do you wish you had a topic to start with so that the rest of your paper was easier? Do you struggle with selecting a unique and original topic because of the competition and rest of your classmates? Did you consult with a senior or your teacher to ask suggestions for the topic? Do you have the list of instructions or lecture notes by your teacher about the assignment and the topic? Do you think it would be easier if you looked at some example topics or read some tips on choosing one?

Well to answer your concern, this article will do both. You will find tips on choosing a great topic for an argumentative essay as well as some suggestions to help you understand the structure and style of such a topic.

How to choose a good argumentative topic

One important thing to remember is that an argumentative topic must provide room for agreement and disagreement both. It is not necessary that the entire audience must agree with your opinions and stance. You need to choose a topic and develop your own stance and give logical reasons for that. Always try your best to pick recent, hot issues and in debate topics so that you can capture the attention of readers. However, if something seems beyond your scope or knowledge then you can leave it and think of another topic.

The other important feature of such a topic is that it must be unique and original. People will not bother to continue reading your assignment if it is old or repetitive or same like the rest of your class. You can use brainstorming process to generate fresh ideas and then elimination process to discard irrelevant and redundant ideas from the list

Examples of argumentative essay topics

If you want to write a good argumentative topic and you do not have any ideas, then you can use this list to find an inspiration or a general direction. Remember not to copy these topics as it is and try to rephrase or alter them to suit your paper

  1. Junk food is cheaper than organic food
  2. Drug usage is safe as long as it is not abuse
  3. All Muslims are not extremists
  4. Women do not need to fight for their rights or claim them