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Judaism and Christianity

Judaism is one of the oldest religions whose founder is Abraham. Judaism teaches its followers that there is one Supreme Being, Yahweh, who called the founder Abraham. Yahweh gave Judaism believers a law to govern their actions and interactions. Judaism’s scriptures consist of the law (Torah), writings and prophets. These scriptures form the old testament of the bible. Christianity started with Jesus Christ. The religion proclaims one God who manifests in three distinct but equally powerful persons, that is, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christianity embraces both the new and old testaments of the bible. Although Judaism and Christianity have several common beliefs and scriptures, both religions disagree on some beliefs and practices.

Similarities between Judaism and Christianity

Judaism and Christianity share some beliefs. Both religions believe in one supreme God and the teachings in the Old Testament. Both religions believe in the power of the Holy Spirit even though Judaism does not consider the Holy Spirit as equal with God. Both Christianity and Judaism teach about sin and its eternal punishment in hell. Traditional Judaism teachings emphasize eternal punishment for sin but modern Judaism emphasizes on temporal punishment for sins. Both Jews and Christians believe in a promised Messiah who would save the world from its sin.

Differences between Judaism and Christianity

Judaism is different from Christianity in many ways. Christianity was founded on Jesus Christ and his teachings. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah while Judaism disregards this belief. Jews believe that Jesus Christ was just an ordinary Jew and not a messiah or a supreme being. Another difference between Judaism and Christianity is that Judaism does not acknowledge the teachings in the New Testament. These teachings form the foundation of Christianity. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God whose death reconciled man to God. Judaism disagrees with this belief and do not value Jesus Christ’s mission on earth.

Jews believe that Jesus Christ died for his claims to divinity. He did not die to save humanity as Christians claim. Christianity considers the Holy Spirit as one of the persons of God. Judaism on the other hand considers the Holy Spirit as some divine power given to prophets in the Old Testament. Judaism teaches that prayer and repentance on the Day of Atonement achieve atonement for sin. Christianity teaches that the death of Jesus Christ was the atonement for all sin. Another difference between the two religions is that Judaism teaches salvation through good works while Christianity teaches salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.