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5 great process analysis essay topics

It is not unusual to hear students complain about being asked to write another essay. Sure the enthusiastic ones will jump at writing but many students sometimes rebel against having to work on tough assignments. Well if you are asked to write a process analysis essay, then every student should really jump at the chance. Yes, you have to do some research and of course the obvious writing of the essay, but it's the topic which should really appeal. You choose the topic and because the format of the process analysis essay is what it is, you should have a ball.

In a nutshell, you have to define a process and then write an analysis of it. That sounds pretty simple but what is the attraction for such an essay? Well the key here is that all you, the student, has to do is find a process you really enjoy. What could be a better writing assignment than doing an analysis of process you love getting involved in? You can see what I mean by saying how this type of essay, a process analysis essay, should really appeal to anyone. To get your creative juices flowing, here are five possible great process analysis essay topics.

  • How to lose weight.
  • How to learn how to surf.
  • How to become a media junkie.
  • How to breeze your way through college.
  • How to make money by buying and selling online.

As you can see the range of topics is vast but the potential to tailor the process is fantastic. When people begin to learn the craft of writing, they are often told to write about what they know. Instead of sitting around scratching their heads and wondering what to write about, they are given the instruction to write about their life. This same principle applies when you are looking for a great process analysis essay topic. Think about a process you are involved in and which you enjoy. Now you have to write an analysis of it. Once you've done that you've written your essay.

Now if you’re still stuck for ideas, going through newspapers and magazines will open up a huge range of activities. Each of these is a process. When you find a process which tickles your fancy, all you have to do is write an analysis of it and there’s your essay. The type of writing should appeal to every student.