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Obsession is a compulsive disorder or an anxiety disorder characterised by thoughts of intrusion. In addition, obsession can be defined as the persistent connection to an idea or object or a mind’s preoccupation believed to be significantly resistance to any modification attempts on it.

The downside and upside of obsession

In the worst case scenario, obsession can become a luring aspect that only makes us see the positive side of a thing only. Obsession can pose as an enormous force in our thinking and make us disregard any present concerns. Although obsession amounts to a similar thing in all instances, we may be obsessed with a place, person, subject or goal. Obsession, just like any other addictions, can be intoxicating. It fully occupies us completely. Even in cases where we didn’t feel hollow, obsession presents some kind of capability, purposefulness and potential.

Just like in other addictions, obsession eventually creates some imbalance in those affected. They start neglecting or assuming vital parts of life that never should not to be ignored in the first place. If obsession is permitted to be too consuming, it makes individuals start devaluing critical dimensions and directions of their lives and bear their degeneration and also their collapse. In addition, although our lives may appear in balance, the moment our object of obsession removed from our sight, we get devastated and may be perceived to mean that we have lost the only opportunity of happiness.

Our happiness does not solely depend on a single object no matter how important it might be. But we need to accept that we have to be for a moment, gripped with something to achieve great things in life. When appropriately handled, the amplified energy, determination, resiliency obsession and drive can significantly be adaptive. When the obsession is shifted to our benefits, it can reveal our most accomplished selves, serving to encourage us know the ingenuity and creativity to find solutions to unbelievably difficult glitches thus leading us to prominence.

Managing obsessions

The major challenge associated with obsession in order to shift it towards our benefits, is how to make it function positively and monitoring them so that they don’t control us, acquiring the its paybacks without going by its detriments. There are various ways to achieve this which include distracting yourself from varying intervals, accomplishing a task or job that helps put your obsession behind you, focusing on your greater mission, adopting a practice that grounds you and listening to what others tell you.