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Where To Go Looking For A Well-Written 3-Page Narrative Essay Example


The three page narrative essay in terms of an average word count of 300 per page and correctly formatted, is a generally accepted academic standard. Anything longer could mean that pages may not have been drafted to editorial requirements. Always check the guidelines of your assignment pack for this.


A well-written paper should be error free; free of grammar and spelling mistakes. At the academic level, ignorance of this basic rule is costly. Marks will be lost.

Use available writing space well, always beginning the paper with a clear introduction and ending it with a shorter conclusion.

The narrative essay

Narrative essays usually refer to English literature and related subjects. It is usually confined to theoretical or literary (or both) thesis remarks on the literary subject or book author. The definition can be misleading and should not be confused with or directly related to fiction. Also, this paper is not confined to the realm of literature and is also applied to other humanities sciences such as history and politics.

Are online resources reliable?

The short answer to this question is; no, unless of course you have already acquired excellent research skills that go hand in hand with study methodologies. The online environment is notorious for poorly written and poorly edited reviews, rather than engaging essays. Plagiarism is rife, and sources are often incorrectly cited, if at all.


Most of the world’s top universities have them. The USA is home to the world’s finest universities, and their library collections stretch over generations. This does not mean that your local varsity is not well-equipped to provide you with the best learning and research resources to prepare and write your three-page dissertation. Many top colleges now offer Creative Writing courses as subject majors, and their reading lists will include material on how to write credible academic essays.

College and University E-vines

Distance learning has become an unavoidable necessity for hundreds of students. Most major universities are preparing the way for online academic e-tutoring, a complex approach to teaching and learning. In the meantime, universities do run their own intranet and are required to upload journals and other guides.


Always remember to begin your narrative essay research with your library rather than rely on the internet. Also do your own, proper edit rather than use computer generated tools.