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Learning Online: How to Organize Your Essay Writing

Today, many educational institutions provide online education for everyone. Even if you are a full-time student, you might consider online learning options. One of the best examples of online tools is web-based applications that help learners organize their essays. The software is designed to guide students from writing outlines and notes to completing the essays. They teach several steps; such as pre-writing, writing, organizing, proofreading, correcting, and printing. You can find this software on the website of your university library or academical writing center. There are also many options provided by educational agencies.

Essay Writing Online Software Basics

You can use any browser you prefer to work online. The main page has several sections; namely Home, Student’s Online Portfolio, Study Reports, Program Guide, and FAQs. Different software may provide other sections as well.

It is a good idea to study the program guide first; then register, log in, and start working on your essay. The webpage will offer several topics you can use in a training mode, so choose the one you like and move forward.

Essay Writing Organizing

The learning process is organized into steps, which include the following activities:

  1. Writing an introduction and choosing a topic.
  2. Pre-writing and composing a topic sentence.
  3. Doing some background study.
  4. Writing and organizing body paragraphs.
  5. Summarizing and writing a conclusion.
  6. Revising a style, general structure, and grammar.
  7. Proofreading and printing.

These consistent steps are easy, and helpful tips follow each step. Typically at the top of the screen, one can see a short instruction on what you should do in order to complete it. Once you have finished a task, you can see your writing notepad and a paragraph notepad.

For example, if you have written all the sentences and are ready to improve the text’s structure, you can move to the fourth step and start organizing the body paragraphs. The program gives you a hint about which sentence should be written after the topic sentence. You decide which sentences you use in a final version and in which order. You can compare the draft version and the current one. When the text is ready, you should add transitional words and check whether the essay flows smoothly.

Do not forget to save the changes you make. Usually, you cannot print your paper until you save it. However, most websites allow students to revise the assignments even after they have printed it out, so do not hesitate to check the text if you have new ideas or any doubts.