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Choosing A Catchy Title For A Comparative Essay

A comparative essay is an interesting academic assignment and easier to attempt because it talks about the relativity of different subjects. This type of essay can have different styles

  1. You can write your paper about the similarities between two subjects and compare them. For example, discuss the similarities between sexual and asexual reproduction
  2. You can talk about the differences between two subjects and create their contrast for instance, discuss the differences between asexual and sexual reproduction
  3. You can talk about the advantages and drawbacks or two sides of the same subject for example what are the pros and cons of sexual reproduction

All styles have one thing in common that you have to create a comparison and discuss the relativity between different things. It is easier because you have a good hold of one side of the subject, you can talk about the other one by comparing. The important aspect about such papers is that you should be clear and concise and do not jumble up a lot of information in one paragraph. The best way to write this type of essays is to create an outline and develop a plan for your paper before moving forward

The title for a comparative essay has to be something that supports relation and comparison. You cannot create a strong paper if you have a general statement as a topic that does not indicate any comparison for example life in a village is healthy and affordable. This is not indicating any comparison and thus it is not a sound title for a compare and contrast essay. You have to write, as life in a village is more healthy and affordable than urban areas. This indicates to your readers that your paper will contain a comparison of the urban and rural life. If you do not create a catchy title, your readers will never continue to read your paper

Here are some suggestions that you can follow for a catchy title for comparison assignment

  1. The similarities between Mars and Earth
  2. Discuss how humans are different than other mammals
  3. Show the common features between apple and android
  4. How is autocratic leadership different from democratic leadership
  5. What is the similarity between high school and university
  6. How is freelancing different from a regular job
  7. Compare and contrast science and religion