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4 brilliant ideas for selecting argument essay topics

Argumentative essays are commonly assigned in all types of classes. From literature and psychology to physics and foreign language, instructors always seem to be able to come up with reasons for students to defend a thesis and write an essay. Since argumentative essays are assigned so often, creating a brilliant topic can be more challenging than students realize. Once you know the tricks of coming up with a clever topic, you will never be at a loss for topic ideas.

Pick a topic you can defend. The idea behind writing an argumentative essay is that you can defend the argument. So, you need a topic that is arguable and especially one that you feel strongly about arguing. For example, if you feel strongly about buying local foods that are in-season, you should be able to defend this argument in a variety of ways. You could prove your argument by defending the health benefits, the lack of fuel needed, and the benefits to the community. If you cannot defend the topic, then you should not write about it.

Pick a topic that is timely. Several years ago, students loved to write about legalizing marijuana and gay marriage. Now, those essays have become reality. They are no longer viable topics because they have already been decided by lawmakers in the community. Now, it is more appropriate to discuss new topics, that are controversial like urban sprawl, mass transit, and school funding.

Pick a topic that fits with your course. If you are writing an argumentative essay for your science class, then you should only write about topics relating to science. You could write about the use of alternative fuels or removing excess sugar from foods. The topics that you choose should be attacked in a way that fits with the course, too. This means that you should use the writing format that fits, so you probably will not use MLA for a science class.

Pick a topic that is unexpected. This is key to crafting a brilliant essay. Sure, you could write about any old topic, especially something cliche, but this is anything but brilliant. Do not waste your time writing about how everyone should experience an experience working as a missionary, but this has been written about over and over again. Instructors are more likely to appreciate your work when you can be interesting. You could write about why college athletes should or should not be paid or whether college scholarships should be given out in different ways. You could also write an essay about why no one should ever write about being a missionary ever again!