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What are the best definition essay topics

The best definition essay topics are those which you truly care about. Finding something that is meaningful or important to you personally will allow you to connect to the content in a way that will bring out your passion to the reader.

Selecting a Definition for Your Essay

The first step is very important when it comes to writing a definition essay. Here, you will need to have a good understanding of the term that you want to work on. You should use two to three dictionaries to read and understand the term. You should then use your own understanding to explain more about the word. You should also try to limit the term you are searching for when doing the search. For instance, you can write the word ‘forever’ on the term ‘love’ to find a deeper meaning of the term.

Thesis Statement of a Definition Essay

The thesis statement is used to identify the term that is being explained or defined in a simple and clear manner.

(term) (basic information)

Ex: Being assertive is simply advocating for your rights.

Once you find your topic it is important that you craft a sufficient thesis statement which supports the argument and lets the reader know what your paper will entail. If you are unsure of whether your thesis statement is strong you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my thesis pass the “So what?” test? In many cases, a reader might have this response to the essay, “so what?” In such a case, there might be a major problem with that thesis. It might not be making any sense.
  • Does the essay support the thesis statement? The essay should always support the thesis statement. If the two deviate, then there is a problem with the essay. You can change your working thesis to reflect the changes that you have written about in the remaining paper. You should take time to reflect and reassess the essay statement.

Tools of the Trade: Subjects and Verbs

When writing a paper, it is recommended that you use subjects which are strong and constructions which are active in nature. It is very important to remember that the words that you write are usually very important for your sentence structure. You should also understand the best way of using quotes within a sentence. These should be used sparingly in the essay.