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How To Find Proofread And Edited Essay Examples On The Web: Basic Instructions

Finding samples on which to base your own writing can be a difficult task. Much of what you get may be poorly constructed. Here are a some sources you can use to find essays that have been properly edited and proofread:

  • Writing text books
  • The discipline of creating good writing has been around for quite some time. As a result there are many people who have written about the best methods you can use to excel in the field. In such books you will quite often find sample essays. These are included just to show students how the rules in the book look when put to use. They would have been created by seasoned professionals and be as close to perfect as any sample will ever come.

  • Academic Content Creation Companies
  • These agencies sell papers to students or anyone else who will buy them. You can look into their sample section for free to get a glimpse of some professional quality essays. It is important that you only check the work that has been presented on good company’s websites. Other companies may not check their work as thoroughly and following their example may make you an even worse writer.

  • Freelance writers
  • In much the same way that writing companies provide sample work to draw in clients, freelancers often make their portfolios available to the public so that they can be hired. You can observe the quality of academic writing that they use to draw in clients and see if you can emulate it. If the freelancer is based with a freelancing site you will also notice that he or she has a rank. This means you can easily bypass the bad writers’ profiles.

  • Writing forums
  • There a forums where people who enjoy creating academic content can gather and discuss their passion. They may also mention where they find their best resources and samples. Join in and you may be pointed in the direction of some exceptional essays.

  • Social Media Contacts
  • If you do not know where to start at all, try updating your status on social media to explain what you are looking for. Someone who knows someone else who knows you may be able to send you a link that gives you all of the samples you will ever need. Social media can educate as well as entertain.

In the end the quality of samples is far more important than quantity.