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List Of Engaging Narrative Essay Topics To Write About

Writing a narrative is a possibility when you are taking a literature class. There are so many students who never really think this through but rest assured that this will be one of the most common tasks that you will have to deal with. On the bright side though, there is nothing difficult about it at all. As a matter of fact this might even be one of the simplest tasks that you will get to work on.

There are some simple rules that guide the process of narration which you must follow. Just think about what you want to write and then imagine yourself telling it as a story to someone. That is the entire concept. Other than that however, you should also try and make sure that you do have a really good topic to work with. Over the years we have seen a lot of students who have a very good idea for their paper, but the topic that they choose leaves a lot to be desired. You should never find yourself in this situation. In fact, you need to try and make sure that your emphasis lies on the topic, then everything else from there will follow through.

The following is a list of some topics that you can think about presenting for your narrative essay when you are asked to write one.

  • Discuss some reasons why you would need a hug on a dull day
  • Lying is a bad thing. However there are times when people lie for a good reason and with good intentions. Write a piece on why this is true
  • We all have people in our lives who mean the world to us. Discuss how you can show your affection to such an individual without saying anything, and having them appreciate the gesture.
  • Every morning is a brilliant chance to make good of a new day. Write about any such morning that you woke up full of determination
  • People take bad news in different ways. Most people struggle with it as a matter of fact. Write about an instance when you had to deliver bad news, or when bad news was delivered to you.
  • Society changes so fast. Within no time the things you knew are no longer fashionable and you can even be embarrassed. Discuss one socially awkward moment that you have ever had.