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Alternative Treatments For Postpartum Depression 

Postpartum depression is when new mothers become depressed immediately after having their baby. The reason for it is a sharp drop in estrogen levels once the baby is born. This transition can rectify itself naturally but in other cases it goes on for a long time and requires alternative treatments. Baby blues are normal after having a baby, and they will often fade naturally within one or two weeks as a new mom rests, gets help from friends and family, and connects with their baby. Treatment for postpartum depression varies based on the individual needs of the woman and the severity of the depression. But overall, alternative treatments range from counseling, to anti-depressants, to hormone therapy.

Counseling is one method of treatment. This is where you talk through your concerns with a mental health professional, a psychologist, or a psychiatrist. By enduring counseling you can find healthy ways to cope with the way you feel. You can solve your problems and you can set realistic goals for these achievements. It can also be helpful to get relationship therapy or family therapy.

Antidepressants are another treatment for postpartum depression. As a new parent though it is important to note that any medication you take will get into the breast milk. There are some anti-depressant medications which you can use while you are breastfeeding which have little side effects on your baby. You can work with your doctor to weigh the potential risks against your baby to the benefits that you will enjoy with different anti-depressant medications.

Hormone therapy is another way to help counter postpartum depression. You can counter the rapid drop in estrogen that takes place after childbirth with estrogen replacements. You can ease the symptoms of your depression this way. As with the medication, it is important that you speak with your doctor about the potential risks weighed against the benefits of the treatment.

No matter what treatment option you use, it is important to know that using alternative treatments in appropriate amounts will help your depression go away within a few months. In certain cases the symptoms of post partum may last a night longer in which case you will need to change your treatment method. It is important to continue which ever treatment you use until you feel better. If you stop taking your treatment method too soon can lead to a relapse.