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What are the main stages of the writing process for essays?

When writing, the subject or topic is not really what is important. If you are writing a lot or for a grade, getting down a good process is what is important. It does not so matter what you are writing about if you know how to write, and to write large quantities of words it is best to have a system. Getting your process down is never easy, however, and there will be a lot of up front work to get your system in place. That does not mean that you should give up, however. There are several stages of writing an essay, which, you will need to go through. However, you need to have all your research. First, you will need to write an outline, then you will need to use that outline to write the paper, then you will need to edit it.

The first thing that you should do when wiring an essay is to figure out what your essay has to say. If you start writing it without having your ideas together, it is highly unlikely that you r essay will come together as a cohesive whole. Instead, it will be a jumbled mess. So to write your essay, sit down and get your ideas on paper. You can do a numbered outline, you can just write your ideas free form on a piece of paper, but makes sure you get these down. Do not worry; this does not have to be perfect. In addition, it can be as detailed as you want. The point here is to make sure your essay has a clear point and focus.

The next thing you need to do is actually write the essay. Yes, that is understood, and is rather obvious, but there are steps here that you should be taking. First, you get your paragraphs together and sort your ideas by paragraph. Next, you take those ideas and write about them, stringing them together with sentences and various transitions. Continue like this and soon you will be done!

Next is the most important step, and that is editing. Editing can take several iterations, but it is what celebrates terrible essays from competent ones. Not only do you have to do grammar, but you must make sure that your essay reads well. Do your grammar first and in between each edit. Then read it aloud, and makes sure that it is pleasing to the ear. If not, rewrite it until it works.