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Understanding different essay structures

There are many essay structures out there and in order to achieve academic success you need to understand the different essay structures and how you can write well in all of them. This will ensure better grades for every class where writing is a factor.

There is a ton of ways that an essay can be formatted and structured. It all depends on what you are trying to write. If you are writing an essay comparing and contrasting two things you can open with the introduction and follow something like a simple A B A B structure and style. Then you can present one comparison and contrast and then repeat the process for the second of each. You can do this for all of the paragraphs. Another style that can be used is the A A B B structure which allows you to have an introduction and then do all of the actual information presentation one at a time afterward. This can then be followed up with the conclusion.

If you are writing an essay about cause and effect you can structure it something like this: Start with something like the intro and then move into a list of causes in a paragraph followed by another paragraph that has all the effects. Then after all of that you can have a conclusion to close the essay. Another way to do it could be a paragraph of cause followed by another cause and another cause and then write a paragraph each for the effects. Otherwise you can split it up in a huge number of other unique ways following those and then come up with a conclusion to sum everything up in the end.

If you are writing a research paper you need to structure it based on the style guide you are choosing to utilize. This is going to be MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago. If you decide to use APA format you should not be doing a literature review. It is important to write the essay using the style that is the best for what you are trying to accomplish. This means that if you are writing a scientific paper you should be using the APA style and not the MLA style. It takes time to realize what you need to have but the style guides are typically available for free online so time should be spent learning about them.