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Consequences Of The Second World War

It is improbable for a battle or war to produce useful effects. The case with the Second World War was not different. It produced disastrous consequences that left a landmark in the history of mankind. Numerous states such as Germany, United States, China, Russia, Japan, France, and Italy, among others rose up to end the war but to no avail. The various consequences caused by the war included; the holocaust, scarcity of foodstuff, moral degradation of man, and unprecedented destruction of property and life.

While other people fought in efforts to end the war, some like Adolf Hitler formed a movement that aimed at wiping the whole race of Jews out. This plan would also enable him to conquer the world, also known as the holocaust. Concentration camps were filled with Jews who were imprisoned and subjected to torture. Those imprisoned were not provided with food; hence starved to death. The helpless victims experienced cruel experiments while the sick, aged, and the disabled were poisoned with gas.

The world was destroyed to greater depths. Human life and property were not valued. The destruction extended to the factories and fields, workshops and mills, as well as the civilian houses. Huge numbers of people died while the survivors were permanently disabled. Studies have depicted that the Second World War killed more than 25 million people while twice this number were left with permanent injuries.

During the Second World War, food was a scarce resource. Clothing and essential commodities followed suit. It is through this scarcity that an unprecedented inflation resulted. There was a drastic fall in the standard of living of many individuals. The Second World War made the lives of many miserable since the prices shot up.

The moral degradation of man was proved by this war. Unimaginable cruelties were witnessed across many parts of the world. Man was worthless in Germany, Italy, and Japan. Innocent children, women, and men were killed. Japan experienced the dropping of two atomic bombs in 1945. This incident indicated the willingness of man in wiping out the whole race of human. All the vanquished and the victors behaved like barbarians.

The Second World War had destructive consequences that were experienced by many individuals. The world’s three great axis powers, that is, Germany, Japan, and Italy did not succeed in ending the war. Consequently, many countries suffered heavy losses as the war continued. The loss of life and property was inescapable, leaving thousands helpless.