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The 5 Main Qualities of A Good Argumentative Essay

The author’s goals are clearly stated.

The best argumentative essays begin with a strong thesis statement that clearly states the author’s purpose for writing.

This should be mentioned very early on in the writing so that any reader can understand what the paper is going to be about. It should also be obvious what position the writer takes on the issue being discussed.

The other side of the argument is acknowledged

Although an argumentative essay should traditionally be strongly in favor of one side of a two sided issue, the other side of the debate should be addressed somewhere within the paper.

What this means is that you should summarize the debate and both sides of the argument in your paper. This helps to create a thesis that someone who has no previous understanding of the topic can still understand without a bias.

The writer chooses strong verified examples to defend their thesis

This is also extremely important. The essay’s writer should choose examples to defend their thesis that can be verified by a reliable source.

When you write an argumentative essay you must state your own opinions but back them up with clear supporting evidence. These can be scientific facts, news articles or other academic writing. This supporting material should come from verified resources such as experts on the topic, news reports, or scientific experiments.

The paper stays on topic

A successful argumentative essay should remain on topic and not go off on a tangent. There is a big difference between an authors “rant” and an argumentative paper. You want to stay focused on point. Although, it is okay to show some enthusiasm for the subject matter, you must also stay professional and objective.

The paper has a call to action for the reader

Finally, one of the more notable characteristics of a well-written argumentative essay is that it inspires a reaction from the reader. By time they finish reading they should fully understand the author’s position. Best-case scenario the paper is successful in convincing to the reader and they feel inspired to adopt the author’s perspective.

Even if the paper is not successful in convincing the reader they should at least understand the writer’s position.

At the end of the day a good argumentative essay should provoke a discussion about the subject matter being discussed. It should bring new insight to a debate and demonstrate one individual’s perspective on a debatable topic.