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A Brief Introduction To Writing An Evaluation Essay: Helpful Tips

A short literary composition or a scholarly article developed on any specific topic or a subject is termed as an evaluation essay. These are speculative or analytical writings where you give summarized report of a particular theme. The evaluation articles are slightly different from other forms of writing such as descriptive, art critical analysis, argumentative etc and they are constrained to follow a certain guidelines and rules. The general evaluation writings include the following structure:

  • Introduction: the topic which is to be evaluated is introduced to the readers and it should highlight the main objectives of the articles.
  • Situation: portrays the background and context for a particular problem
  • Problem: deals with examining and elaborating the problem associated with the topic. The effects and intensity of the problem can be furnished in this section.
  • Solution: the practical solutions for the problem analyzed in the previous section are provided here. Highlight the two or more solutions to the problem and choose the best one among them.
  • Evaluation: it evaluates the effectiveness of the solution to the problem. Its advantages and drawbacks are examined in this section and the most effective solution is restated with appropriate reasoning.
  • Conclusion: it summarizes the entire article. You can restate the intensity of the problem and its effective solution in this section. It helps the readers to arrive at a particular conclusion after reading your entire evaluation article.

A brief introduction to evaluation essay: Guidelines and classifications

In order to develop an effective evaluation article, you need to have special skills which include a good command over the language, proper usage of phrases and a unique writing style. It deals with the verdict or the opinion of the author about a particular topic and it is based on the set of evidences and evaluations. The evaluation articles can cover a wide area irrespective of the field and nature of a particular topic.

    Types of evaluation articles

  • Technology evaluation articles.
  • School or educational evaluation articles.
  • Sports evaluation articles.
  • Restaurant evaluation articles
  • Plays, movies, and TV evaluation articles.

Key parts of an evaluation article

There are three parts to a general evaluation article and they are the judgment, the criteria and the last part evidence. Judgment is the part where you establish your overall opinion of a particular topic, the criteria refers to the reasons for your opinion or the judgment and the evidence part provide clues or affirmation.