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4 Suggestions on How to Write a Thesis Statement for an Illustration Essay

An illustration essay is used to prove your point by means of examples (illustrations.)  It is, perhaps, the easiest writing assignment that students should accomplish in their English class. What you should do is just find enough facts that prove your position. These facts shouldn’t be presented as they are, in a dry and official manner. They should be described in a colorful and engaging way to get through to the reader’s heart.

Your position on some issue is stated in an introductory paragraph. This is your thesis statement that should be supported further in your writing. The success of your paper depends much on the way you compose your thesis. It should be self-sufficient and it should allude to the content of the body paragraphs of your essay. Make use of the following suggestions on how to create a perfect thesis statement for your illustration paper:

  1. Clearly specify the point that you want to illustrate.
  2. This should be a definite idea that you want to discuss and prove in your essay. Great illustration essay ideas are widely discussed, interesting, and narrow enough. For example, you may focus in your paper on visual evidence of patriotism, stereotyping men as the stronger sex, the gender discrimination on the workplace, etc. Make sure that your idea is clear and definite.

  3. Think of the best three examples that illustrate your attitude towards the idea.
  4. Brainstorm and write down all key words and phrases that explain your position. Choose the strongest three examples supporting your idea.

  5. Remember not to argue your position in the thesis statement, but to explain some specific phenomenon.
  6. The illustration essays are not argumentative papers. You should just highlight and explain some idea. You are not supposed to persuade.

  7. Depending on your topic idea, put appropriate examples into your thesis statement.

They may be equal in meaning and importance. For instance, you may illustrate three the most important factors that affect some issue and equally add to its development. You may also present controversial examples and discuss both positive and negative effects on the problem.

If you compose a proper thesis statement for your illustration essay, it will serve as a strong outline for your further work. Each of the examples mentioned there should start a separate body paragraph of your work, and you won’t miss any important points in the process of writing. If you still don’t know how to formulate your thesis statement, consider looking through several illustration essay examples on the Internet.