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How do you write a conclusion in an essay: strong closing techniques to adopt to your writing

A conclusion can sometimes be the hardest part of an essay if you’ve written all that you want to say and can’t think of any more. An essay is a lot of words, and it’s just those last hundred or so to make the word count you need that are the worst. If you’re struggling with getting your conclusion right, you’re going to find out how to fix that here. Tips for conclusion writing might just be what you need to finish that essay and hand it in with an amazing conclusion.

Since you’ve already introduced the topic, talked about it and fleshed it out in the body, all you have to do is leave the reader with something to think about. Easier said than done, right? Writing about a certain topic is for informing someone about it and convincing them that this is something worth their time to read. A good conclusion satisfies their curiosity and leaves them wanting more. When you can do that, you’ll get a great mark on your essay.

Techniques for Conclusion Writing

There’s multiple ways you can do this, and it’s up to you what works best. Here are a few ideas for ways to approach conclusion writing. All of these are strong, effective methods. You can even try one and if it isn’t turning out the way that you want it to, try another one. Some students even combine ideas and use some of each of these tips.

  1. Take each paragraph in your essay and boil down the most important parts to one sentence per paragraph. Put these in order and you have your conclusion.
  2. Look at your introduction and the words you used to introduce each topic. You’re going to follow the same order and structure, but just use different words to convey closure and past knowledge.
  3. Reread your essay and find each individual idea or argument. Then you can use the conclusion to tie up any unexplored parts of the idea or reiterate what you’ve already said.

When writing your conclusion, you should be clear and succinct. Saying the most you can with the least amount of words is the way to go. Since you’re already close to your target word count that the teacher wants this essay to be, just let it take the space that you have left.