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Help me write a descriptive essay about a person

A descriptive essay is exactly what it sounds like. You write an essay while describing a person, place or thing. A descriptive essay about a person should really give the reader a good idea of who the person is. Your job as the writer is to give the reader an experience. You want them to feel as if they know the person well. Giving the reader this kind of experience can be difficult and requires certain things of the writer. So how do you write a descriptive essay about a person?

How to do it

  • Describe the person physically
  • Describe who the person is as a person
  • Include emotions in the essay

Describe them physically

When reading a descriptive essay the reader should have a good picture in their head of what the person looks like. The better you describe them physically the better the reader will be able to see the image of them that you have created. This is an important part of describing a person. What they look like is a key aspect of them.

Describe them as a person

Who is he or she? Describe who they are. Tell the reader what kind of person they are. Talk about what they do and what they like. Who they are as a person is the biggest part of what they are. This may be the biggest part of the essay and the most important aspect of the person that you are describing.

Include emotions

If there is no emotion in the essay it may fall flat. Emotions give the essay detentions and make the person really come off of the page and become real. What do they care about? What makes them happy or sad? Tell the reader how the person you are writing about feels about different things. This can help to make the subject come alive to the reader. This is important for the essay as well.

All of these are important aspects of a descriptive essay about a person. Writing one requires that you describe everything about them. Just describing to the reader what the subject looks like will make them a single picture in the readers mind. You want more than that. You want the essay to come alive and make the person real to the reader. All of these things help you to do that. If you do all of this than you should be just fine in the end.