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A List Of Good Topics For A Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essays have great relevance in academic writing of today. It tests the student thoroughly with his writing, argument and creative skills. A synthesis essay is a type of essay which generates ideas from a number of sources. The writer needs to be open for taking all sorts of related information and then organize them in a creative way to form a quality synthesis essay. These are the skills which are developed in the students either at school or college level. The synthesis essay or the synthesis writing approach has great application in the corporate business and the advertisement world of today. The writers need to be very careful with the selection of their essay topic. It has to be a broad topic for which you have interest and also got some general knowledge about it. Make sure, that you will be able to collect enough ideas which are required to constitute a quality and comprehensive essay.

List of some good synthesis essay topics:

There is a huge variety of synthesis essay topics, but the following are the hottest topics which are relevant to the present age as well:

  1. The political riots of 2011 in Libya – It is a very useful topic and can get you good marks if you follow all the basics related to the synthesis essay writing. Make sure, that you research well and gather all the relevant points and facts about the 2011 political riots in Libya.
  2. Increased Drug smuggling in Mexico – Smuggling is a curse in several South American countries, especially Mexico. Collect all the facts and figures and organize them in a good way to make a quality synthesis essay.
  3. Wiki leaks and the damage it left on the face of the world – It is a controversial topic, but it would never be difficult to research. Controversial topics are easier to write and you can easily form your opinion about it.
  4. The pros and cons of increased use of Smartphone – The Smartphone has become an essential part of our life. The so much importance of Smartphone can be easily exploited to form an effective and eye catching synthesis essay.
  5. Should the private lives of celebrities be covered by the media or not – It is again a very broad topic and you can have so many ideas and facts about this topic without any difficulty.