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How to Develop Your Writing Skills to Come Up with Excellent Persuasive Essay Topics

The fun thing about writing a persuasive essay is that you can pick a topic that you are passionate about for your paper. What you need to be careful about is basing a persuasive paper strictly on your emotions and your feelings. You must have solid support for your persuasive paper. When you are assigned a persuasive paper, use the following tips for selecting a good topic.

Topic Tips

  • Read the newspaper and listen to the news: You can find a lot of really neat and trending topics by paying attention to the news. You can get your news from the paper, online, via radio, or from watching television.
  • Talk to your teacher: most teachers are news nerds. Ask your teacher if he or she has suggestions, you will be surprised at what they can help you find. And ask all your teachers, not just your English or your writing teacher for help.
  • Consider the debate team and debate websites: As a debate member or a debate follower, you have access to every trending and relative topic, you have access to the different approaches for presenting a persuasive paper, and you can employ the techniques that debaters use in persuasive presentations.
  • Social media can be used for schoolwork also: Social media is more than just gossip and celebrity news, you can find that social media is an outlet for what is happening in your world. You do need to make sure that if you pick a topic from social media that the topic is appropriate for your classroom and for your school. Some topics, no matter how interesting, simply are not good for school purposes.
  • Some trending persuasive topics are:
    1. Going green
    2. Paying college athletes
    3. Smart cars
    4. Ipad schools
    5. ISIS
    6. Police Brutality
    7. Supporting our police
    8. Peaceful protests
    9. Terrorists and their activity
    10. The relevance of monarchy in different countries
    11. Going Paleo
    12. Going gluten free
    13. Unemployment
    14. Obama Care
    15. Online college

      As you can see, there are tricks to getting fresh topics for persuasive papers quickly. You can use the topics above or use them for inspiration for a topic. You can use the ideas to help you find topics quickly. Persuasive essays can be fun if you pick a topic you love!