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Development of Technology

Technology has already changed the face of the world, and will undoubtedly continue to do so as it evolves. Some people are afraid that this rapid progress will make traditional arts and ways of life outdated and forgotten. This is definitely not so; technology and tradition can not only coexist, but combine in order to produce new ideas for various solutions. Technological progress will not make people forget their conventional lifestyle, but will instead add to it to improve the quality of people’s lives.

One of the main reasons that ensures traditional arts, crafts, and ways of life are remembered is the fact that they offer an alternative to “mainstream”. Many people today look for ways to escape the pull of the crowd and display their individuality. Partaking in some traditional arts and crafts club, or even dining in a restaurant where the food is cooked the same way our ancestors did offers a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. An additional bonus is that this activity will also fill you with national pride, allowing you to honor the traditions of your ancestors.

There is no arguing the fact that technology makes various methods of production and crafts obsolete, but one does not need to use these classic ways in everyday life to make sure that they remain alive. Learning these traditions as a hobby will ensure that the memory of them is preserved and passed on to the next generation. There will always be some people who look for diversity and alternatives to the technology-filled world. They will find it through these traditional clubs, and will continue to pass the knowledge down to others.

Another way to preserve tradition in the rapidly digitalized world is combining it with technology in order to produce more advanced tools. Even something as simple as a weaving techniques that helped older craftsmen create masterpieces can be combined with computer power to make these very same masterpieces available to the public. The cost of the piece will drop significantly, as something that came from a production line cannot be as expensive as a handmade item. This will ensure that a great number of people can afford the pieces and will bring them into many homes, thereby reminding them of the country’s traditional crafts.

It is impossible to refute the claim that traditional arts and lifestyles are quickly becoming outdated. However, they are not forgotten. Their roles change, but they remain a solid presence in every country’s culture, and will continue to do so.