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How to write a paper in Chinese: avoiding common mistakes

When you are writing a paper in Chinese there are a few common mistakes you should avoid.

When writing, you should start early enough. This will be a very excellent way of getting all the information to form a package that will efficiently ‘market’ you. When you start early, it will give you a good opportunity to revise, edit, record and rewrite the document to perfection. You should also read the directions or instructions very carefully. Many colleges have specific guidelines such as the total number of words that should be written. You don’t want to exceed these words. You should also express yourself in the best ways by telling the truth. Remember that you are a stranger to the selection committee and you want to capture their eyes instantly. Also, remember that thousands of people apply for these opportunities whenever they are announced.

Always focus on an aspect that will show the best about you. You have of course been through a lot in your life. You don’t want to share everything because the committee is not interested to know it too. You should focus on a narrow perspective and not a very broad one. You should feel comfortable expressing any of your fears or doubts because every person has them. It is also important to be very specific about what the school can do for you. Also, include a small part on what you can do for the school. Tie yourself to the college and write positive notions about it. Negative sentiments are not welcome when doing such an application. Write more about your achievements and talents. These will provide an exciting opportunity to the committee.


You need to avoid a couple of things. Avoid being repetitive as this will be a turn-off to the committee members. Avoid writing topics that will not increase your chances for this position. Here, you should not write on general and impersonal topics-like the nuclear arms race or the importance of good management in business. The college is not interested in all that as they want to know more about you. In fact, maybe the committee members know all that. You should also avoid using clichés. You should also not go to the extremes being very witty, opinionated and very intellectual.

It is also recommended that you select an excellent essay topic that is relatively easy and one that you are very familiar with.