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Five General Tips on Composing an Essay on Global Warming

When composing a great essay on global warming there are a few things you should be aware of in order to present an effective argument and earn the highest grade possible, no matter what level course you are in. We’ve asked several experts to give us the best tips and these are the five best ones:

Tip #1) Choose a Manageable Topic

It’s never a good idea to try to do more than you can handle. A lot of students make the mistake of trying to discuss global warming in large terms and fail miserably. Focus your topic so that you are dealing with just a well-thought idea that you can thoroughly research. It will make for a more interesting read and a higher score.

Tip #2) Conduct Ample Research

Don’t try to wing your topic without spending at least a few hours conducting research. You can find a lot of good background information by going online, but the majority of the research you do should be done at the library looking for academic resources to support your argument.

Tip #3) Develop an Outline and Thesis

When working on a particularly tough writing assignment it’s always a good idea to develop a detailed outline and a draft thesis statement to help guide your work, specifically your first draft. Experts agree that using an outline when you write will help keep you on track and can help you think about the structure and logic long before you even get to the process of doing the actual composition.

Tip #4) Write the First Essay Draft

Don’t hesitate to get started on your essay. Soon after creating an outline and thesis statement you should get started on writing the first draft. Write quickly and efficiently without stopping to fix errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation. This will keep your momentum and help you get all of your ideas in one place. Try to do this all in one sitting to ensure you don’t lose your train of thought.

Tip #5) Revise, Edit and Proofread

Finally, you should take your first draft and conduct three exercises to make it the best essay on global warming you can write. All academic experts and professional writers state that the process of revision, editing and proofreading is essential to improving your paper. Do each one of these exercises with a highly critical eye. For each, start at the paper level, then the paragraph level, and finally the sentence level.