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Where to look for help with your english essay?

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Seeking help with an English writing assignment? There are plenty of options available! This guide can help you to explore some of them and choose the option that best suits your personal needs. Among the options you can choose from are friends and family, fellow students, tutors, online writing services, and online editing services.

Determining what you need help with

The first step to getting help is figuring out exactly what help you might need. Do you want an essay written for you from scratch? Then an online writing service that provides custom-written essays is almost always your best bet in terms of quality and discretion. Do you just need some help with grammar and spelling? Consider having a fellow student or well-educated friend or family member proofread for you. Or are you looking to learn to write better essays or receive some guidance during the research and writing process? A tutor or a student led study group might be the solution!

Paid vs Unpaid Services

There are advantages and disadvantages to both paid and unpaid services. Paid services generally guarantee a certain level of quality and personal attention, whereas free services are less consistent. Consider the quality you are going to get from any free service before you opt for it over a paid service. The importance of the particular assignment to your coursework is also a major consideration to keep in mind. If the assignment is pivotal, and represents a critical percentage of your grade, it’s probably best to go with a reputable paid service rather than a free service which may or may not accommodate your needs.

Communicate with Your Provider

No matter which type of help you need or which type of helper you enlist for aid, be sure to communicate with them clearly regarding the assignment’s requirements and your own personal expectations and preferences. If you don’t clearly express what you need from them, they can’t provide the type of help you require.

Consider help from multiple sources

Consider getting help from more than one source, especially if one or more of the sources is a free service. It’s a good idea to have two different people proofread your work, for example, or to have one proofread while another provides editing suggestions. Remember, the idea behind an essay is usually to reach a broad audience so multiple perspectives are helpful

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